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People We Like

Anyone But Me Fans - Number 1 fan run website. Interviews, Forums, Episode breakdowns, Contests, Games. Everything an ABM fan could ever want or need.

The LOFT - An amazing resource for the LGBT community. The LOFT works to further the cause for inclusion, diversity and pride through education, advocacy and celebration. - The Internet Television Guide. Best site for the latest in web originals and TV. Clicker is the simple way to find, share & watch TV online.

I'm Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation

The Stupid Cancer Show

Memorial United Methodist Church - Generous and warm supporters of "Anyone But Me" in every way. In addition their doors are open wide for the LGBT community.

Teen Voices and - For encouraging and educating young women to speak up and create social change through media

Provincetown for Women - As one of our cast members so lovingly said “Ptown is the happiest place on earth”  And Provincetown for Women can show you the way.

Hanky Panky - The rock star of intimate apparel. A company run by two amazing women

Noah Figlin - Our talented singer/songwriter who gave us a theme song

Marite Jones - Our ever gracious Web Master. Without her you wouldn’t be reading this. - Always a great source of entertainment and news. And really helped to bring ABM to the masses.

shewired - Brought ABM fans Rachael and Nicole’s first interviews.

Kate Clinton - She got our party going. Buy her book: “I Told You So.”

Cherry Grrl - Always supportive.  Always cool.

Autostraddle - Girl on Girl Culture - As the site reads: “Autostraddle aims to address all things terrible/AWESOME with a quick, queer and intellectual attitude.”   And that’s not the half of it.

eurOut - Our favorite place for european lesbian news in entertainment and politics.

Kate Micucci - Forever grateful for letting us use her amazing song “Just Say When” in episode 4. 

Lights Resolve - Gave episode 7 & 8 the musical kick it needed.

Rachael Cantu - So lucky to have "We're the Rebels" in episode 10 to help wrap up the season. It's a song timely in meaning and impressive in artistry.

Culin & Colella - Amazing custom made furniture is only a tiny part of why we love these folks.

Book Culture - Where did all the great bookstores go? Well here's one of them. And it also happens to be a very special place for Vivian and Aster.

Cafeteria: 119 Seventh Avenue, NYC - Cupcakes. Red Velvet. Season Two Launch Party. What more can we say.

Casellula: 401 West 52nd Street, NYC - Their slogan: We like cheese. We really like cheese. A lot. And everyone at our Season Two Launch Party liked it more.

Mas Farmhouse: 39 Downing Street, NYC - A beautiful restaurant in an incredible location. And did we mention that all their amazing food at the Season Two Launch Party was nearly gone before the screening started.

Flying Saucer Cafe: 494 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Best coffee, lattes, and atmosphere. Go immediately! But don't take our table.

The Pizza Place - Best pizza north of New York City



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